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WIE is WANNEER beschikbaar voor een afspraak?

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Betaalgegevens en wijze van betaling

- Betaling van een sessie of massage gaat via gepaste contante betaling; we hebben geen pinmogelijkheid.

- Betaling voor een groep gaat via overmaking per bank nadat je je hebt ingeschreven

NL47 INGB 0005383256 t.n.v. TantraLife te Amsterdam

Kamer van Koophandel gedeponeerd te Amsterdam


Contact English

We are located in Amsterdam and also in Almere a city 30 min drive from Amsterdam.
After we made our appointment you receive the address of your location of choice (look who gives what and where, see link below).

* For GENERAL QUESTIONS and about SESSIONS of Shatavari please mail via our >> CONTACT-FORM

You reservation or question about de tantra-massages given by SAMAYA only direct by her by phone.
Samaya's practice is in Amsterdam tel. +31 (0)6-43676693 located near RAI congres centre and Okura Hotel Amsterdam Oud Zuid.
Look for an overview with prices at the following page

>> Prijzen - Prices

Who of us is when, with what and where available?

Tantra-massages in English

NL47 INGB 0005383256 - TantraLife at Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce at Amsterdam

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